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About The Process

We work with all budgets, all project scopes, and in an infinite variety of styles. Most importantly, We listen to how you live, what you envision, what your budget is-then determine how to best bring that vision to life. We have had many happy and satisfied clients, and would very much like the opportunity to add you to that list. Please contact me to make an appointment to get started

Design Plans

Floor Plans:

Space planning for new homes

Rework existing furniture to create flow & balance

Determine needs and solutions for furniture purchases

Kitchen & Bath Design:

Complete kitchen & bath planning and execution

Selection of materials

Cohesive integration of kitchen/bath design

Window Treatments:

Custom design styles, fabrics, and materials

Measurement and installation services

Contracts with the finest workrooms in New England

Color Palette Choices:

Life beyond builder white!

Create visual flow

Wallpaper options

Custom Built-ins:

Solve storage needs & increase the value of your home

Custom woodwork for architectural interest

Contracts with finest carpenters and cabinet makers

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